The Best Potty Training Stuff for 2-Year-Olds

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Diapers are expensive. Poop is yucky. Therefore, we all want our kids potty trained ASAP. Many kids are ready to be introduced to the world of potties anytime after 18 months, although others won’t be ready until they’re 3 or even 4. You can use this potty training readiness checklist to decide whether you think it’s go-time. And if you think it is, the first thing you need is a potty.

(This might seem obvious, but I’ll say it anyway because this is a web site about toys and gifts: This post is for parents and possibly grandparents. Don’t show up to a birthday party with a potty as a gift unless the parents have expressly asked for it – way too personal.)

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Potties for 2-Year-Olds

Fisher Price Learn to Flush Potty, $24, can be used as a chair and a seat

If you’re gearing up for potty training, hyping up a new potty as a gift can be pretty fun for a 2-year-old and can be a nice way to start what will definitely be a trying task.

You have two basic options for potties: potty chairs that sit on the floor, and potty seats that fit on top of a toilet seat.

Potty Chairs

My son preferred the floor potty, especially at first, because it was easier for him to sit down and get back up. Potty chairs can get very toy-like, with musical flushers and buttons and smiling faces. There are plenty of options available online with great reviews. I opted for a simpler Baby Bjorn potty chair that I found on Craigslist, and it worked great for us.

If you want to make cleaning your floor-style potty a little easier, consider attaching a handheld bidet or diaper sprayer to your toilet to easily rinse the potty out. We already had one installed from using cloth diapers, but it was really helpful for cleaning both the potty and plenty of accidentally-poop-filled undies.

Potty Seats

The best thing about the seat-style potty is that you can move it from toilet to toilet, and you can take it with you on errands or trips more easily. Another perk: It saves floor space in your bathroom. Some potty seats come with a little storage hook for the side of the toilet, which is nice. If you opt for a potty seat, you’ll probably also want a step stool so your 2-year-old can climb up on their own and have a place to rest their lil feet while they sit.

I’d suggest trying both kinds of potties to see which your child likes, because anything that makes potty training easier should be very welcomed. My nephew was pretty intimidated by the height of the potty seat, for example, which is something you won’t find out until you get started.

Potette Plus Travel Potty Seat, $18

Some potty models, such as The Fisher Price Learn-to-Flush potty pictured above, can be used as both floor potties and potty seats because the seat lifts out and fits onto a toilet.

Travel Potties

Although most potties for toddlers are small enough to pack and take on a roadtrip, you may also want to consider a potty that’s specifically designed for easy travel. The Potette travel potty, shown here, can be used as a seat or a chair, folds flat for easy storage, and is designed for use with absorbent liners that you can throw away easily (just like you would a diaper). You can also try this travel potty from Cool Gear, which even has some storage space and folds up into a little carrying case.

Potty Books for 2-Year-Olds

Long before my son had any interest in actually sitting on his little potty, he loved to read books about potty training. There are a bunch of books available on the topic, but our favorite was Potty by Leslie Patricelli. I happened to see this book at the library and loved it right away. My son loves the book, too. It’s one of the highest rated on Amazon, and it came up as the first suggestion in potty training books. I think everyone loves it because it’s so simple – great for younger toddlers – and it’s very fun. We also purchased and liked Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel and My Big Boy Potty by Joanna Cole.


Potty Training Dolls

Once Upon A Potty Plush Doll Set With Mini-Potty, $13 (girl doll is also available at link)

Some 2-year-olds might be more convinced to try this whole potty training thing if they have a little buddy to do it with.

That can be as simple as taking one of their favorite dolls or stuffed animals into the potty with them and pretending that they have potty time too. However, you might consider getting a doll just for the occasion that was made for potty training, like the little doll shown here. Any doll with a little diaper and a little potty will work.

Good luck with potty training!