Toys for 2-Year-Olds around $20 ($15 to $25)

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Here are some¬†well-reviewed toys that are safe and fun for 2-year-olds and cost around $20. The prices listed are from Amazon (rounded to the dollar), but they don’t reflect shipping costs and can change, so click each image to double check.

If these toys don’t work for you, check out toys for 2-year-olds that cost $15 and under, big toys for 2-year-olds $50 and over, or search by 2-year-olds’ favorite types of toys.

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Duplos creative cars building set, $20


It's really hard to go wrong with Duplos as a gift. If you're looking for one around $20, the cars set is great. Other Duplos around the $15 to $20 range include
Creative Play: Creative Animals, $12,
My First Number Train Building Set, $15 and
My First Farm, $17

Dot art set, $16

Dot Art

The product description says it best: "no cups, no brush, no mess" and "easy to grip for little hands." They're even washable for when you're 2-year-old inevitably dots something she's not supposed to.

Green Toys Fire Truck, $20

Green Toys Vehicles

I mentioned this line in my full post vehicles for 2-year-olds. The fire truck is one of the more expensive options. Others include the rocket, $14, and the recycling truck, $17.

Mega Blocks Learning Train, $20

Mega Blocks

The quality of these blocks isn't on the level of Duplos, but these MegaBlocks get great reviews, too, will get plenty of use, and also come along with some fun vehicles. My 2-year-old is now 3 and still likes to play with this train.
Little Tikes Swing, $26

Little Tikes Swing

A swing can be lots of fun for a 2-year-old. Bonus for parents: it safely restrains the tot where there's no chance of them wreaking havoc. This swing is very popular on Amazon and can be used through age 4.

Roll and Play Game, $20

Roll and Play Game

Games like this one and the others listed in my full post on games for 2-year-olds are usually around $20. They introduce kids to the idea of playing games and taking turns. This one was a big hit with my 2-year-old.

Name Puzzle, $25 before shipping

Name Puzzle

These and other puzzles for 2-year-olds are always popular gifts. Basic "chunky" puzzles cost around $10, but these personalized puzzles look cute and introduce your 2-year-old to the idea of letters in their name.

Bristle Blocks, $26

Bristle Blocks

If your 2-year-old is into building and already loves the basic wooden blocks or interlocking blocks (Duplos or MegaBlocks), try throwing some of these bristle blocks into the mix. Just like the other blocks for 2-year-olds, they tend to get used for years.

Puzzle Floor Mat, $23

Puzzle Floor Mat

This floor puzzle got a lot of use when our son was getting interested in the alphabet. It can really brighten up a playroom floor, too.

24-piece cardboard blocks, $20

Cardboard Blocks

Very few of my 2-year-old's toys have seen more action than these cardboard blocks. Building is only half of the fun: It's the life-sized destruction of the towers that 2-year-olds REALLY love.

Tunnel, $25


Obvious fun for a toddler, with the bonus that it quickly and easily folds up into almost nothing for storage.

Slide, $28


Here's another classic that can go indoors or outdoors. It even folds for easy storage. Your kids will use these slides for years.

Lawn Mower, $21

Lawn Mower

If your 2-year-old doesn't have a lawn mower yet and wants to help around the yard, these toy lawnmowers can make a nice gift around $20.