The Best Bath Toys for 2-Year-Olds

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You don’t necessarily need to buy toys that are exclusively for the bath — especially because playing with water and bubbles is entertaining in its own right. But if you want to have a few go-to toys to keep in the bathroom to help entertain your 2-year-old, I have some suggestions.

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Green Toys Boats and Vehicles

The simple Green Toys tugboat shown in the featured image is so popular and has so many great reviews for a few reasons: It’s mold resistant thanks to the large openings, it’s durable and well made, it can both pour water and float, and it’s affordable in addition to being eco-friendly (made from recycled milk jugs.)

I will say that the boats from Green Toys never captured my kids’ imagination as much as the rocket, the helicopter, and airplanes did, and all of those have been great both in and out of the tub. I can only imagine they would have loved the seaplane pictured here, as well, as it can be even more fun in the bath than a regular plane.

I like that these vehicles are versatile, too: My kids have also used Green Toy boats (we also have the ferry boat) during rainstorms to float down the little stream of stormwater that forms in our yard.

Ferry boat, $25
Rescue boat with helicopter, $14
Float Seacopter, $25
Green Toys Tugboat, $12
Green Toys Seaplane, $14
Green Toys Submarine, $10


pip Squigz Ringlets, $19.95

I already dedicated an entire post to Squigz because I love them so much. My kids still occasionally ask to play with Squigz at ages 6 and 9, and even I can’t resist popping them together to make chains occasionally. I will say that these toys and any other toy with a strong suction cup can pull a 1969 bathroom shower panel loose from the wall, so watch out for that with these (and with any other suction cup bath toy). But other than that caveat, they are very entertaining both in and out of the bathtub for kids of all ages. Technically, the “classic” Squigz are a choking hazard, so keep that in mind (although 2-year-olds shouldn’t really be left unattended at bathtime anyway). The “pip Squigz” line is all baby- and toddler-friendly and looks just as fun.

Gobble Guppies

Gobble Guppies, $9

This toy came recommended to me from a friend who bought them for her 2-year-old. They can also make a nice pool toy, but my kids were actually so interested in this toy when they saw it in at their cousins’ house that they wanted to play with it outside of the water, too. There’s just something that little kids can’t resist about a toy with a working mouth. Plus, this hard plastic doesn’t seem to harbor mildew like the rubbery plastics do (I explain more about that later in this post).

Measuring Cups

Measuring cups, $4

Sure, these measuring cups aren’t a kid’s toy, and they aren’t marketed as such. But I’ve often watched my own toddlers play with mixing bowls, measuring cups, and even sauce pans enough to know that they can be just as entertaining as the things that are branded as toys.

Plus, measuring cups like these have a nesting ability that’s similar to other nesting toys, and they have the bonus of actually being useful in the kitchen, as well. Bigger measuring cups can be fun, too, except that your little one might prefer to dump the water outside the tub.

Waddle Bobbers

Fat Brain Toys Waddle Bobbers, $23

My kids didn’t have these, but they look super cute and easy to clean. They combine the fun of stacking, pouring, and sliding. Just watch out for any suction cup toy that could pull old tile or siding off the wall — the suction is pretty powerful on these toys.

Don’t Buy These Bath Toys (Unless You’re Prepared for the Consequences)

Squirters (They Get Moldy)

Bath squirter toys

Any toy that you fill with water will grow mold if it’s hollow and doesn’t have enough ventilation for the water to dry — even if you fill them with bleach occasionally. Kids do love these rubbery toys that both float and squirt water, and they are cute. My own kids played with them, too, but it was pretty gross when they would seemingly randomly squirt a stream of black moldy water into the tub. These toys end up in the landfill pretty quickly, which is a shame. That doesn’t stop them from being really popular, as evidenced by the Amazon reviews.

Bath paint (They Might Get Eaten)

Crayola bath paint 5 pack, $9.85

Bathtub paints and bathtub crayons weren’t really around when my kids were toddlers. From what I gather, they’re essentially colored soap. I’m sure they’re super fun, but my initial take is that bathtime is already fraught enough for most families with toddlers to endure the extra risk of them mistaking the fun colored and sometimes scented soap for something they want to chew on.

Foam letters/stickers (Annoying to Keep Track Of)

Foam bath letters

These ubiquitous foam letters stick to the side of the wall of the tub, and they’re super popular and affordable, too. I’m torn on recommending them, though. My kids did enjoy them, and they did practice spelling a little bit during bath time. But the letters were annoying to clean up due to their lightweight nature and the fact that there were just so many of them. Plus, my kids couldn’t resist biting them, which left at least a few permanent teeth marks. Add in the fact that you can’t wipe them clean and it’s all but guaranteed that these foam letters will end up in the landfill after just one generation of use. Womp womp.

Water whistles (Loud)

Bath whistles

I thought I was really cool getting these bath whistles for my kid. I was all “oh, these are both fun and educational because they illustrate how water levels affect tone.” In case you couldn’t see this from a mile away, all my kid wanted to do with these whistles was make as loud of a noise as he could — and let me tell you, it was LOUD. I had to hide them pretty quickly. They might be a good choice for an older or quieter kid, though.