the best toy vehicles for 2-year-olds

The Best Toy Vehicles for 2-Year-Olds

We grown-ups have gotten used to seeing semis and firetrucks zoom past us on the road.

But if we were just seeing them for the first time? Heck YES we’d be impressed and excited – just like all 2-year-olds still are.

2-year-olds love toy vehicles: cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, construction vehicles, emergency vehicles – and they love trains so much that I dedicated an entire post to train tables and sets.

You’ll find hundreds of options for toy vehicles in stores and online, and frankly, my son plays with all of them no matter how crappy they look to me. (He basically turns his train table into a monster truck arena.)

Once kids get just a little bit older, you might want to invest in the higher quality, realistic-looking vehicles made with metal and with smaller moving parts. Bruderand Tonka are both great options for that. (Actually, the bulldozer shown in the top photo is the Tonka truck was my husband’s as a kid, and it’s one of our son’s favorites.)

But there are a few brands that carry full lines of vehicles that are really great for age 2 and up.

First, a few vehicle-buying guidelines:

  • expect vehicles to get dirty / carry dirt, especially construction vehicles
  • if it looks like it has moving parts, those part had better move (you’d be surprised how many cement trucks don’t spin, for example, or how many garbage trucks don’t crush imaginary garbage)


This line is sturdy, bright, fun, has moving parts, and each truck comes with a little removable driver that fits snugly in the driver seat. This brand also carries a really popular take-a-part line that lets kids "build" the vehicles. (A little too advanced for 2-year-olds, but great for next year.)

Green Toys

This line of toys is made from recycled milk cartons and comes in 100% sustainable packaging. The parts all move and the vehicles are great for both indoors and outdoors. Check out the recycling truck, $19, dump truck, $17, and tractor, $15.

Fisher Price Little People

There's something about adding tiny passengers to a toy vehicle that a new level of fun. There's a whole line of "little people" toys that include vehicles, including a school bus, $35, and a tractor, $23.