The Best Stuffed Animals and Dolls for 2-Year-Olds

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As I mentioned in the post about play pretend toys, 2-year-olds really start using their imaginations throughout their second year. That means that dolls and stuffed animals are transformed from mere snuggle buddies into friends with personalities.

(How cute is it when you hear your 2-year-old in his crib making up a lively conversation between a few of his stuffed animals? It’s very cute, indeed.)

Dolls and plush toys also help toddlers “master people skills, improve their vocabulary, and more.”

So, how to pick a doll or plush toy? It’s easy to just choose on cuteness factor alone. And you generally get what you pay for; a $5 grocery store teddy won’t look good for long.

One of the best features that a plush or doll can have is the ability to be easily washed in a machine. Another feature I look for is flexible limbs so toddlers can make them wave, walk, hug, etc.

Jellycat Blossom Posy Bunny $24

The Designer Option - Jellycat

Jellycat animals are designed in London, and they're all extremely cute and high-quality. Spot clean only. Click here for a full page of results.. I particularly like this dinosaur..

Baby Stella Peach, $28

Best Plush Baby Doll - Baby Stella

These plush dolls get great reviews and come with a lot of cute clothes and accessories. As I mentioned in the pretend play post, baby toys and accessories are great gift idea for 2-year-olds who have little siblings on the way or in the plans. Many Amazon comments report successful machine washing in pillowcases. The dolls come in several colors and have clothes for both girls and boys.

Fennic Fox, $12

For the Little Naturalist - Wild Republic

So excited to have found this company online. They carry more than just the garden variety of bears and rabbits; try snowy owls, honey badgers
and red pandas
for a change.

Calliope Pony, $25

Cute and Classic - Mary Meyer

Mary Meyer toys have been in the mix since 1933, and the cleaning instructions on the site even say that new animals can be machine washed in a pillowcase. This company makes many different types of toys, but I think their stuffed animals are pret-ty cute.

Flopsie Yorkie, $12

Just Cute - Aurora

I couldn't pass up adding this cute lil puppy to the list. Aurora is a big toymaker that has many lines of toys, and also has the rights to plush like Raggety Ann and My Little Pony, but their plush animals get great reviews and seem very affordable.

Organic and Ethical – Under the Nile

Under the Nile Jill Dress Up Doll, $58

These caught my eye because many of their stuffies are machine washable. They’re all made from organic cotton, and the company practices ethical sourcing. Plus, these little dolls, cats and dogs are all pretty cute.

Charitable – Cuddle + Kind

cuddle + kind Noah The Dog

I had to include these dolls, which are absolutely adorable and handcrafted in Peru by artisans that are paid a fair wage. The company also partners with humanitarian organizations worldwide to help distribute food to kids who need it.

Microwaveable – Warmies

Black and White Cow from Warmies, $30

These cute little stuffies can be heated up in the microwave for extra cuddliness, and they have a lot of great reviews on Amazon.