The 2021 Gift Guide for Energetic 2-Year-Olds

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All the toys in this gift guide for energetic 2-year-olds encourage toddlers to expend their energy in healthy ways — and develop some large motor skills while they’re at it.

I already compiled a gift guide for toddlers who tend to be extra energetic: The 2021 Gift Guide for Thrill-Seeking 2-Year-Olds. That guide is full of toys that allow 2-year-olds to explore speed and heights safely.

But I realized that the thrill-seeing guide was missing a few really well-loved toys that also harness toddler energy without the extra fear factor.

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Trampolines ($60 and up)

We’ve all heard trampoline injury horror stories, and 2-year-olds are way too little to jump on the big kid trampolines.

But if you scale a big trampoline way down in size and add a handlebar, you have a toy that can entertain 2-year-olds safely and keep them regularly coming back for more.

My best friend said that jumping on the handlebar-equipped trampoline attached to their outdoor playground was one of her toddler’s favorite activities.

River Rocks / Stepping Stones ($50 and up)

These colorful “river rocks” or “stepping stones” help kids practice balancing and use their imagination to go on adventures and create obstacle courses.

This set of six “river rocks” is about $50 on Amazon.

Considering how often my small children tried to create similar experiences indoors using various furniture and household objects, I think these would have gotten a lot of use.

Wobble Boards ($50 and up for wooden models)

Wooden wobble boards are beautiful in their simplicity, and many parents have found that kids of a surprising range of ages play with these both as a balancing toy and a slide.

One model I saw online can double as a wooden swing, as well.

Some parents have written reviews that indicate that their kids have gotten hurt when they slipped off after standing on this with a blanket underneath. It’s also possible for tiny fingers to get pinched between the wood and the floor, so keep those things in mind if you do buy one of these.

Spinning Toys ($30 and up)

I got this Bilibo for my own kids based on the reviews and the fact that I loved how open-ended it was.

Unfortunately, my kids showed very little interest in it. My oldest was almost 3 when we got it, and maybe he was a little too old for it at that point. Either way, a lot of other parents seem to love this toy, so I thought I’d at least include it here. Another option for spinning is a classic “sit-and-spin” toy.

Bouncy Toys / Hopper Toys ($20 and up)

As I wrote in my holiday gift guide for thrill-seeking toddlers, one of the best gifts for a 2-year-old who has mastered walking and running is a ride-on toy like a balance bike.

But if your little one just turned two or isn’t ready for the physical skills required to ride a scooter or little bike, they can have fun with a bouncy toy like this one. If you click on the image and head over to Amazon, you’ll quickly notice there are plenty of options to choose from, from unicorns to dinosaurs.

Bouncy Balls (Under $10)

These balls weren’t specifically designed for toddlers, but we ended up with one at our house and I really like how soft it is compared to the other plastic bouncy balls you typically find at drugstores and grocery stores.

To me, these seem like the ideal tool to introduce kids to throwing and catching. I like that they come deflated, which can minimize shipping and packaging if you’re ordering online.

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