Train Toys for 2-Year Olds

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When I brought my almost-two-year-old over to a friend’s house, I wasn’t sure that he and her 4-year-old would get along because of their age difference. However, it wasn’t hard to find common ground as soon as they found his Thomas the Tank Engine train set.  They both played around it happily.

If your kid continues to love trains as they get older, you can try electric trains, model trains or die-cast trains — but there are also plenty of options perfect for when he or she is just 2 years old.

In my opinion, the most popular and long-lasting train toy you can get a 2-year-old is the beginning of a wooden train set. Click here for complete train set suggestions for 2-year-olds.

You may also want to invest in a train table, even if you won’t be buying a full train set yet. Click here for a comprehensive list of train tables.

However, if you don’t want to go the train-set-and-table route, there are still plenty of options for train lovers. Here are some of the best, listed from the lowest price to the highest.

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Train Whistle, $6

Train Whistle

A simple train whistle can be great as a stocking stuffer or an addition to another train gift for the little conductor in your life.

Thomas the Train Christmas Board Book, $6

Train Book

If you're celebrating Christmas, it's hard to go wrong with a Christmas-themed board book starring Thomas. For a non-Christmas, non-Thomas option give this choo-choo board book. My 2-year-old LOVED it.

Wooden train puzzle with sounds, $13

Train Puzzle

This one will be tricky for a new 2-year-old to figure out on their own, but an older 2-year-old will like it with some help, and they will be able to use it for years.

Remote Controlled Thomas Toy, $15

Remote Controlled Thomas Train Engine

My 2-year-old had this remote controlled Thomas and he did enjoy it occasionally, although 2-year-olds won't be great at steering it in any particular direction for a while.

Duplo Learning Train, $15

Duplo Learning Train

This is a nice, basic Duplo train set for younger 2-year-olds. Kids love Duplos for years, so they'll keep using the blocks long after they learn to count.

Thomas the Tank Engine Mega Bloks Set, $22

Mega Bloks Thomas Playset

I was a little surprised to see that Mega Bloks also occasionally makes Duplo-sized blocks like those seen here. These aren't compatible with other Mega Bloks, but the reviews say they're compatible with Duplo (blocks, not train tracks).

Duplo Push Train, $28

Duplo Push Train

As I've mentioned before, it's hard to go wrong with the Duplo brand. Kids play with these for years. This push train is simple and fun right out of the box (no batteries required) and has more pieces than the basic $15 Duplo counting train.

Thomas the Tank Engine, $28

Thomas Tent

If the 2-year-old train lover in your life doesn't have a play tent yet, this could be a lot of fun. It folds flat for easy storage and even comes with a carrying case. We don't have it, but my son loved playing in one at a friend's house.

Mega Bloks Learning Train, $25

Mega Bloks 1-2-3- Learning Train

This is a new version of the one my son got when he turned 2. He played with it a lot that year and he still plays with it occasionally now that he's almost 4. These are the larger, more typical Mega Bloks, not like the Thomas-themed set above.

Thomas the Tank Engine Ride-On Coaster, $90

Ride-On "Coaster Train"

I never bought one of these because I didn't think it would get enough use considering the amount of space used and the price, but I definitely considered it. It gets rave reviews and also seems to be popular with kids up to age 5 or 6.

Duplo Deluxe Train Set, $110

Battery-Powered "Deluxe" Duplo Train Set

If you have the budget, here's a battery-powered train set from Duplo that kids and parents seem to love. It's one of the only sets I've seen marketed to 2-year-olds that include tracks. Cool features include a button-start and a 2-minute auto shutoff to conserve battery power. Looks really fun if you can afford it.