The Best Sports Toys for 2-Year-Olds

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If you’re buying for a child of a family of sports enthusiasts, they’ll love a sports-themed gift. All of these sports toys for 2-year-olds were designed specifically for toddlers, but can be enjoyed by little kids, as well.

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Toddler Basketball Hoop

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, $35

The basketball hoop shown here is a classic toddler toy, and is height-adjustable so your child will be able to use it for years until ready for the real thing.

This Little Tikes set comes with three basketballs, and there’s a video on their Amazon product page that explains clearly how to assemble it.

Toddler Golf Set

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set, $22

Fair warning: My kids used the golf clubs in their toddler golf set for anything but golf. They became pretend shooters and pretend swords, mostly. That said, judging from the reviews from this site, many toddlers will actually use the clubs for their intended purposes.

Golf fans will like this

Toddler T-Ball Set

Little Tikes T-Ball Set (Red) $36

Here’s yet another product suggestion from Little Tikes, because they’ve really seemed to get it right when it comes to sports toys for toddlers.

We used our T-ball set for years, and my kids still use the bat and balls when they play “baseball” in the yard.

Soccer Ball and Goal

Franklin Sports Ryan’s World Kids Mini Soccer Goal Set, $24

Physical 2-year-olds will love the gift of a toddler-sized soccer ball plus a goal to kick it into. Toddler goals are much smaller than the ones for bigger kids, and they’re much more affordable, too.

This soccer goal from Franklin is actually branded for a YouTube star, which is a new concept to me, but the characters and colors on the goal look fun, regardless.

Bowling for 2-Year-Olds

Toddler bowling set, around $30

Many happy parents who have reviewed these bowling pins and say they’re really fun. I’d imagine that toddlers would be able to enjoy some imaginative play with these animal pins even outside the bowling activity. This is one “sporty” toy that can be played indoors, as well.

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