The Best Play Kitchens for 2-Year-Olds

Here are just a few of the benefits of getting a play kitchen for your 2-year-old:

  • they’re good for hours of play
  • they’re used for years starting around age 2
  • they come with an endless supply of imaginary coffee, pancakes, and whatever else you’d like, ma’am

Play kitchens are so popular that many, many companies have created their own models. You have plenty to choose from.

Before you look through the full list of play kitchens at the bottom of this post, though, here are some pointers.

How to Choose a Play Kitchen

Size / Width

This thing is basically a piece of furniture. You wouldn’t buy a couch or a chair without measuring for it first, so do yourself a favor and measure for this — especially if you don’t have a lot of room to spare, or you expect it to fit in your kitchen area so your kid can play alongside you.

Most play kitchens are designed height-wise for a wide range of kids. Width is the bigger issue.


You’ll generally choose from among plastic, wooden particle board / plywood and solid wood. There are even some pretty cool cardboard play kitchens — such as this one that you color yourself and can fold up and store. Another alternative: This little combo storage-box-and-mini-play-kitchen.

However, most of you are probably looking for a more traditional, sturdy play kitchen.

Solid wood is nice, of course, but a solid wood play kitchen typically costs over $300 — more than many of us are willing to spend. Plus, they can get pretty heavy, which is annoying if you plan to rotate it throughout your home.

The plastic play kitchens tend to come with more bells and whistles (light-up oven ranges, beeping microwaves), and are lower maintenance (typically pre-assembled and easy to move around).

However, I think it’s tough to beat the clean designs and the solid but lightweight build of the wooden particle-board play kitchens, which make up the majority of the play kitchens listed below.

Aesthetics and Design

Looking through some of these toys, I find myself wishing my own real-life kitchen looked as nice.

How much you’re willing to spend for a fancy, modern play kitchen probably depends on where you plan to put it.

Keep in mind that rotating toys’ locations is one of the best ways to renew your kids’ interest in them, so even if the kitchen will start out in your play room, you might eventually move it into their bedroom or the dining room.

Most play kitchens are designed to be stationed against a wall, but others are designed to be placed in a corner. Some are even designed to let kids make use of both sides of the kitchen, front and back, which is the best use of space.


Some of these play kitchens come pre-assembled, and others come in a box with a bunch of small parts that you have to put together yourself.

Generally, play kitchens come with choking hazard / small parts warnings, either because small parts could break off under stress or because the pre-assembled parts could be choked on.

You have to be careful. I almost didn’t even include play kitchens on this site because they essentially all come with choking hazard labels. However, I couldn’t just ignore them because parents are clearly still buying them for 2-year-olds and 2-year-olds love them — I see plenty of Amazon reviews confirming this.

Read the full post on the nuance of choking hazard warnings here.

Other than small parts, I’ve noticed that the heavier wooden models can pinch little fingers in cabinets. I’m also sure it’s quite possible for a little one trying to scale one of these heavy kitchens to pull it over onto themselves, so keep that in mind as you choose. Anchor any heavy, tippable play kitchen to the wall, just like you would do with furniture.

Accessories and Features

Some play kitchens come with a bunch of pretend food and cooking utensils. For others, you’ll have to purchase them separately.

I’ve found that kids will happily make lots completely imaginary food once they have the kitchen and perhaps a few plates, so don’t let a lack of accessories influence you too much. Play food or kitchen accessories make great gifts from other family members or friends who are looking for easy, smallish gift ideas.

As you’ll see below, some kitchens really go for it with a fridge, stove, microwave, sink, and storage, and other keep it simpler with just one or two of those items.

Keep an eye out for storage within the kitchen for the accessories you’ll probably end up with.

Where to Buy a Play Kitchen

It’s not difficult to find play kitchens secondhand.

If you have a kids’ resale shop nearby, check it out. I think plastic kitchens are especially easy to clean up and disinfect because you can hose them off.

Craigslist is also a great place to check for play kitchens if you’re cool with that and stay safe.

Otherwise, you can of course pick one up at your local toy store or order one on Amazon, which is where I link to throughout this article because I’m part of their affiliate program. (That means I get a small commission if you buy anything as a result of seeing it here.)

PictureBrandKitchen NameH
WMade ofAssembly required?FeaturesMSRPnotes
BrioKitchen Stove and Sink Combo23.511.923.6WoodYesRequires 3 AA batteries. Working oven timer with alarm.$150 (sink and stove sold separately)CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts may break off.
Camden RoseA Simple Hearth244813.939Solid wood (cherry, birch)NoRemoveable stainless steel sink. Moveable knobs. 12-inch cutting board.$380CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts.
Constructive PlaythingsFive in One Kitchen Playset38.51071548.5woodYes
Constructive PlaythingsEfficiency Kitchenette42.751643woodYes! Includes clear, acrylic panels in the oven and microwave, turning stove knobs, and built-in egg compartment in the refrigerator.$300
Constructive PlaythingsTown and Country Combo KitchenwoodYes$900
Constructive PlaythingsMonaco Combo Kitchen381548woodNochrome faucet, dials that click and turn, a steel sink and modern metal handles.$649
Constructive PlaythingsWooden Deluxe Kitchen371430woodYes$129Marketed as "safe." Reviews say it took a long time to assemble this one.
ECR for KidsKitchen Playset35.253615116woodNo4-in-1 kitchen features a stove and sink and a refrigerator and cupboard with storage shelves
Sink features water knob, turn faucet and storage shelves; stove has 4 burners, 6 movable knobs, acrylic window and interior shelf
Fisher PriceServin' Surprises Kitchen and Table13.517.230.330.3PlasticNoRecognizes every Servin' Surprises food item and responds with appropriate phrases, sound effects and songs
Oven slides off and stovetop flips to convert into an activity table
Center of table also provides storage for easy clean up
Comes with magical serving tray, pizza, cookies and service for 2
HapeMy Creative Cookery21.3
13.211.831.1WoodYescomes with cooking sets and wood toy food$82
HapeGourmet Kitchen21.617.212.627.8WoodYesRotating knobs and oven storage$82
HapeMulti-Functional Kitchen29.828.6615.336.8WoodYes$1363 and up
HapeCook and Serve Kitchen37.126.911.838woodYesIncludes turning knobs and chalkboard$149
IkeaNYBAKAD Play Kitchen19.214.311.819.6woodYes$89
IkeaIkea Duktig Mini-kitchen28 3/842??15 3/4 42 1/2woodYes$176Comments said that this is at IKEA for $99
Jonti-KraftToddler 2-in-1 Kitchen23.5381530woodYes$209
KidkraftUptown Play Kitchen42.5 17.141woodYes$1403 and up
KidkraftGracie Play Kitchen3028.91024woodYesCompactly folds up for easy storage
Includes 32 kitchen accessories
$99CHOKING HAZARD. Top critical review warned of small washers coming off easily.
KidkraftRetro Kitchen and Refrigerator35.70 47.61333woodYes$138
KidkraftVintage Play Kitchen35.70401333woodYes$147Choking Hazard - Small parts
KidkraftGrand Corner KitchenwoodYes$148
KidkraftLarge Play Kitchen with Lights and Sounds44.16317.743.8woodYes$156
KidkraftClassic Kitchenette26.423.114.225.6woodYes$72
Little ColoradoPlay Kitchen34361424woodYes$193
Little TikesPlay and Store Kitchen Playset29.4 12.211.1 13.3plasticNo$56
Little TikesCook n Learn Smart Kitchen30231722plasticYes$118
Little TikesSuper Chef Kitchen40221428plasticYesClicker knob above oven door. Burner has electronic cooking sounds. Chrome look towel rail
Refrigerator door opens, room inside to store food. Feet under base add height.
Includes: 1 Coffee Pot, 2 Plates, 2 Cups, 2 Forks, 2 Knives, 2 Spoons, 1 Frying Pan and 1 Phone
Little TikesUltimate Cook Kitchen32.126.61924.2plasticNoElectronic cooking sounds on stove top and sink; Cappuccino maker for modern play. 38 pieces$113
Melissa and DougCorner Kitchen26291636woodYesFeatures refrigerator, cook top, oven, removeable sink, a working timer, and more$101
Small parts
Melissa and DougDeluxe Pretend Play Set41921742woodYes$200Small parts
Melissa and DougChef's Kitchen Pretend Play Set3961.515.543.25woodYesalso comes in pink$180
Naomi Home KidsGourmet Kitchen Set40.57316.841woodYes$120
Plan ToysKitchen Set126.27.211.3woodNo$60
Plan ToysKitchen Center2629.517.318.5woodNo$175
Plan ToysSink and Fridge12
67.2 11.3woodNo$63
QabaCountry Cottage Wooden Playset
Step 2Best Chef's Kitchen18302436woodUSAinner cubbies: 9x4x6"$208
Step 2Elegant Edge Kitchen Playset
Step 2Contemporary Chef Kitchen
Step 2Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen17.553.433.549.5woodnone$250
Step 2Dream Kitchen Playset163023.87544.875plasticunder lid$80Includes small 3-piece train set
Step 2Grand Walk-In Kitchen and Grill36.45350.847PlasticYesIncludes a 103-piece accessory set
has 3 realistic electronic features: grill, stove top, and phone
Its large sink with faucet, custom appliances, and "stainless steel" refrigerator enhance role play
Attached dining area
Valuable storage areas throughout
Teamson KidsClassic Play Kitchen30.2 1232.2WoodYes$249
Teamson KidsPink Play Kitchen2225.31230WoodYes$169
Teamson KidsLittle Chef Wooden Play Kitchen382811.62521.5WoodYes$170
Teamson KidsRetro Wooden Play Kitchen2611.535.5WoodYes$249
Wildbird CareDollhouse and Kitchen Double Side Playset35.439.515.738.3WoodYesOne side is a kitchen, and the other side is a dollhouse. Simulated Fire Switch with Stoves. All Pull-out Storage Boxes and Cabinets$140
Wildbird CareWood Cooking Pretend Play Set23.83312.939.4WoodYes Pull-out Storage Shelves and Cabinets. 3 Holes for Ventilation and Moisture-proofed.There is also a microwave with stick on numbers and timer to provide the illusion that an item is really being heated up. Keep track of play time with the clock above the kitchen set and be sure to store some Knick Nacks or flower plants above in the wooden space that is meant for extra storage or decorating.$89