Staff Pick: Nugget Couch (Play Couch for 2-Year-Olds)

Last Updated on January 28, 2022 by admin

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years (or don’t have a small child living in your house), you’ve probably heard of the Nugget couch. It was in such a high demand for a while that all new stock sold out immediately.

In retrospect, it seems nuts that it took so long for a company to design a play couch for 2-year-olds and their peers (other toddlers and preschoolers). After all, all parents understand the stress of managing small children’s relationship with expensive grown-up furniture.

Here’s a blurry pic of our 5-year-old playing with our own Nugget couch. We chose the Rodeo color/style.

Furniture for grown-ups can be difficult or impossible to clean, and many of us have to beg and admonish to keep our kids from climbing and jumping on it if we expect to keep it looking nice. That’s where the Nugget play couch — and now the host of competitors that are entering the market — come in. Unlike the cheap, polyester toy couches that dominated the “kids’ couch” market when my own kids were toddlers, these couches look and feel like “real” furniture. They have soft, machine-washable covers and are actually designed for rough play. Kids can build and arrange the cushions in any number of ways to build forts or anything else they can imagine.

I’ve already written about how the one thing my kids have played the most with of all time is an old mattress that we use as a basement playroom crash pad. In addition to serving as a place to sit and a building tool, a deconstructed play couch can serve as a crash pad (crash pads and gymnastics mats tend to cost at least $100). It can also serve as a guest bed for kids who are visiting your house.

My own kids had aged out of the Nugget couch’s target market by the time it got popular. However, I still bought one for our playroom when I wanted to add more seating. It was in the same price range (and in many cases, significantly more affordable) than buying a big chair or even a futon, and I think it looks great. My kids occasionally drag it to the basement to make forts with it and use it in imaginary play, as well.

Prices for the Nugget start at $229, and they’re made here in the USA.