The Best Vehicle Sets for 2-Year-Olds

Last Updated on November 27, 2021 by admin

Vehicle sets for 2-year-olds have many of the same benefits as wooden train sets for 2-year-olds. By moving and manipulating small vehicles and accessories, kid are working on their fine motor skills. They’re developing social-emotional skills as they play with their friends and use their imaginations. And especially if kids are track building, they’re also using problem-solving and the visual-spatial parts of their brains as part of play.

If you have a vehicle or car lover in your family, consider one of these vehicle sets for 2-year-olds, all of which are advertised as choking-hazard free.

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HABA Kullerbu

HABA Kullerbu at The Construction Site Play Track $40

HABA, a brand known for quality wooden toys, has entire line of compatible wooden tracks and accessories that are appropriate for ages 2 and up. Kullerbu looks a bit like a hybrid of a marble run and a train track set. The line is free of choking hazards for toddlers. Along with the construction theme, they have a figure-8 police chase set and a fire department “hammer house.”

VTech SmartWheels

VTech Smart Wheels Park and Learn Deluxe Garage, $45

I feel compelled to list this set because it’s so popular, even though I was extremely annoyed by all the sounds that the little cars made as my kids played with them. VTech specializes in toys that have a lot of electronic parts and functions. With this set, different pieces of track trigger the battery-operated vehicles to make different sounds. You can buy a variety of compatible sets and vehicles separately to build an even bigger track collection.

Little People Launch and Loop Railway

Little People Launch & Loop Raceway, $36

I already mentioned in my post on miniature sets for 2-year-olds how Fisher-Price’s line of toys Little People is one of the only sets of miniatures that’s designed specifically for younger toddlers. (Most of the interesting miniature sets and dollhouses on the market are designed for ages 3 and up.) Little People also has a line of vehicle toys called “Little People Wheelies,” including this “Launch & Loop Raceway.” All Little Wheelies toys are compatible, so you can add more cars to this track in the future if your kid likes it. (And that seems likely, considering there are more than 5K reviews of this set on Amazon and it averages five stars.)

Toy Car Ramp Set

Race Track, $28

On Amazon, there are a wide variety of these ramp toys that look almost identical, but seem to be really popular with toddlers. These toys are simple and only do one thing, but that might be just the ticket for younger toddlers. I like how this track also has garages for the cars to park in when they’re not zooming down the ramp.