Staff Pick: Shape Sorter for 2-Year-Olds

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 by admin

I’ve talked a lot about how my younger son is much more into puzzle toys than my older son was. I’d classify my youngest 2-year-old as a thoughtful type, who can play on his own and concentrate on an activity much longer than my oldest did at that age. 

Along those lines, my youngest loved nesting dolls and board games at age 2, and another activity right up alongside those was playing with a shape sorter.

The one shown here was a hand-me-down that has held up well after being used by several other children over many years.

Usually I opt for wooden toys over plastic because it’s better for the environment. Plus, wooden toys tend to have more aesthetic appeal. However, plastic does have some benefits in the case of a shape sorter. The shapes don’t do damage if thrown, they don’t hurt if they get stepped on, and there’s no chance of the paint chipping off like it does on some wooden toys. We’ve never had a wooden shape sorter in the house, so I can’t compare the models. However, I do know that the plastic one is very satisfying to use, even for adults. The shapes fit perfectly and slide in smoothly. This toy also provides a fun way for kids to learn the names of shapes, colors and patterns.

Another bonus for this toy: It’s easy to store on an activity shelf and is self-contained. There’s no need for a separate box or basket like you need with other sets of blocks or puzzles. 

A more colorful version of the one we have (the Playskool brand) is on sale here at Amazon for about $11 (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases):

Here are a few other well-reviewed options from Melissa and Doug (about $16) and Battat (about $13) if you’d prefer a wooden shape sorter (again, these are affiliate links):