Easter Basket Ideas for 2-Year-Olds

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Here in the U.S., it has become customary to include some small toys in your child’s Easter basket along with the candy that’s included there more traditionally. I don’t love seeing see this holiday get more and more commercialized, but I do have fond childhood memories of getting a new bunny stuffy on most Easters from my grandparents, so I can’t hate on Easter gifts too much. Plus, a few fun little trinkets to balance out the jelly beans don’t need to turn the holiday into a second Christmas.

Below, I’ve suggested Easter basket ideas for 2-year-olds that start with suggestions for an Easter-themed stuffy or doll and finish with a selection of small, Easter-basket-sized toys.

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An Easter-Themed Stuffed Animal

You can’t go wrong with getting a toddler a little stuffed animal or doll to sit atop their Easter basket. Here are a few of the Easter-themed stuffies that I personally deemed the cutest when browsing Amazon. (I’m usually more careful to only select brands that are easy to clean, easy for toddlers to pick up, and relatively high quality for the price — but this little collection was chosen based solely on looks.) They range from $10 to $30. For more general suggestions, you can check out our post on the best stuffed animals for 2-year-olds and our post on the best baby dolls for 2-year-olds.


A Flashlight or Lantern

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Trixie Ladybug Flashlight With Easy-Grip Handle, $12

I think a flashlight is generally a great gift for kids, especially in combination with a little play tent. Most flashlights are small enough to fit into an Easter basket easily, but flashlights designed for toddlers tend to be a little larger — probably for safety parts / choking hazard reasons. That said, I still think they could fit into an Easter basket. I like the flashlights that can stand up on their own or transform into a lantern for extra versatility.

Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, Washable, Outdoor, Gifts for Kids, 64 Count, $14

Sidewalk chalk is a simple, classic toy that’s perfect for Easter because, in many parts of the world, it’s starting to get warm enough again for kids to play outside easily and with enthusiasm. The pop of color looks great in an Easter basket, too.


These “Fubble” bubbles claim to be no-spill. $14 on Amazon

Bubbles are another classic, entertaining toy for kids that can fit nicely into an Easter basket. The Fubbles pictured here can’t be spilled, which can be particularly useful when you’re blowing bubbles for 2-year-olds who will surely want to try to make their own bubbles after a while.

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Dot Markers or Other Art Supplies

Do-a-Dot Washable 6-Pack, $17

2-year-olds may not be able to draw tangible shapes yet, but they can stamp them. That makes these washable dot markers a big hit.

My kids used these during their toddler years more than any other art activity. I loved that they didn’t make a mess, and the resulting “paintings” turned out pretty cool, too.

For more art supply ideas, check out our full post on art supplies for 2-year-olds.

A Simple Woodwind Toy

Child's Harmonica - Musical Instruments for Toddlers
Blue Harmonica, $9

There have been times when the bribe of playing the harmonica was the only thing that would get my toddler to lie down for a diaper change.

I had access to a “real” harmonica at the time, but he also liked the kids’ version. He especially likes to pretend to be playing along while we listen to music.

Hape wooden harmonica, $15

Slide whistles are another simple, fun instrument for younger toddlers, and older 2-year-olds might be able to handle kazoos and even recorders.

Check out our full post on music toys for toddlers to get more suggestions, including “echo” microphones and xylophones that might be good Easter gifts.

Egg Shakers

HABA Wooden Egg Shakers, $35

I love the look of these wooden eggs, and Easter is the perfect time to add them to your toddler’s toy collection. They’re designed to fit perfectly in little kids’ hands. I do wonder if they could become projectiles, but in the right hands and under the right circumstances, they’re such a lovely musical toy.

One fun note about this set of eggs from the German toy company HABA is that one of the eggs clicks when it’s twisted instead of being a shaker.

Miniature Toys / Figureines

Sesame Street Figurines

Miniature plastic toys like these Sesame Street figures are designed for 18 months and up, and can be a lot of fun for toddlers. They can double as bath time or water toys and are easy to pop in a purse or a carry-on bag if you need to entertain small children during an unexpected wait. Check out the full post on miniature playsets for more ideas.

A Board Book

Little Blue Truck board book, $8

It’s tough to go wrong with a classic board book for a toddler’s Easter basket. These little books fit into baskets easily, and are sturdy enough to withstand prying little fingers. (My kids loved this book when they were little, and the farm animal theme ties in to Easter a little bit even though the story takes place in the fall.)

A Card Game or Small Puzzle

My First Words Matching Game, $8

You might not be able to fit an entire board game into an Easter basket, but you might be able to fit a smaller, card-based game like this simple matching game designed just for younger toddlers. This game features larger, sturdier cards and words that are easy for young toddlers to pronounce and learn. For other ideas, check out our full post on the best puzzles for 2-year-olds and the best board games for 2-year-olds.

Water Wow

Water Wow, $7.99

These are technically marketed for ages 3 and up, but the Amazon reviews consistently mention that 2-year-olds love them. These are no-mess, reusable coloring pages. Parents in reviews mention kids using them in the car or on-the-go due to their small size and portability — which also makes them a good fit for an Easter basket.