The Best Birthday Party Outfit Ideas / Themes for 2-Year-Olds

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When my own kids turned 2, I just dressed them up a little fancier than usual for their birthday parties.

I still think this is a good idea, but these days there seem to be a lot more Instagram-worthy options for special outfits for the birthday boy or girl. If you want to buy a special outfit for your 2-year-old’s birthday party, here are a few ideas that will be exciting for both kids and parents and may coordinate well with a party theme.

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Dinosaurs / “I’m a Two-Rex” / “Roar! I’m Two”

Dinosaur T, $17

Dinosaurs are one of the most popular themes for 2-year-old birthdays because they tend to fascinate toddlers. Many toddlers don’t develop intense interests until around age 3, but if your little one is already into dinosaurs, this could be a good choice for a party shirt and theme. For gift ideas, check out my full post on dinosaur toys for two year olds.

Farm Animals / “Moo Moo I’m Two”

If your little seems interested in animals, they might love to wear this special little shirt on their birthday. If you Google “Moo Moo I’m Two” you’ll see a variety of cow-specific birthday party decorations, banners included, or you can stick with a more general “Friendly Farm” theme.

This Little Firefighter is 2

Firefighter birthday tee, $14

You may have noticed there are a lot of vehicle-themed birthday ideas in this list. They’re proven winners because two-year-olds love them, and fire engines are no exception. I also saw a lot of “Ring the Alarm! {insert name} is 2” ideas online when I looked.

“Two Sweet”

“Two Sweet’ outfit, $17

There are lots of variations on the “two sweet” theme for second birthdays floating around the internet. Some shirts features cupcakes, but most have doughnuts. There are many cute options on Etsy if you search the term “too sweet.” (I wish Etsy would let me embed images here on this site, but I can only embed them from Amazon.)

Construction Trucks / “I’m Digging Being Two”

Construction Tee, $19

Construction trucks are another solid choice for a second birthday party outfit and/or theme because toddlers tend to love them. For toy ideas, check out my post on gifts for truck-loving toddlers.

“Two Cute”

Two Cute Tee, $17

The “two cute” birthday theme can be kept pretty general but is still a fun option for second birthdays. This shirt is nice for parents who want something simpler but a little more feminine.

Garbage Trucks / “I’m This Many Garbage Trucks Old”

Garbage truck birthday tee, $19

If your two-year-old is one of the many who specifically loves garbage trucks more than the other giant trucks out there on the road, embrace it with a shirt and a party that s/he’ll really love. Related: The Best Garbage Truck Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Space / Rockets / “Two the Moon”

Two the Moon shirt, $18

If your youngster happens to be interested in rockets and planets, “two the moon” is a fun party theme. There are also plenty of balloon / party decor kits with a “two the moon theme” available for sale on Amazon that can make decorating super easy.

Trains / “Choo Choo I’m Two”

Train birthday tee, from $15

Trains are another super popular toy and intense interest for toddlers, and there is no shortage of train-themed birthday shirts and party supplies available for sale on Amazon.


Unicorn Tee, $14

When I was a little girl, I could not resist a unicorn with sparkly or rainbow hair. I’m not sure what makes unicorns so magical, but you don’t need to overthink it if your tot is anything like I was. This tee is super cute.


Tractor Tee, $14

There’s no cute pun or saying to go along with this theme (at least, I can’t think of one right now), but toddlers’ love for large vehicles often extends specifically to tractors, making this shirt an exciting one for them.

Little Cowboy / Little Cowgirl

Little Cowgirl Tee, $1

If your soon-to-be two-year-old is into horses or is from a family in this line of work, these shirts are a super cute option. They come in a variety of colors and rider hairstyles.

Race Cars / “Two Fast”

Racecar tee, $17

Again, vehicles are usually super popular with little kids, so a racecar-themed birthday can be a great choice, especially for a kid who loves to vroom and zoom around.

Fruit / “Two-tti Fruity”

Strawberry outfit for fruit-themed party, $20

There are so many really cute fruit-themed party ideas floating around the internet that this one is tough to pass up. If you click on the strawberry outfit pictured here you’ll also see an option for a yellow lemon outfit.

Modern 2-year-old

Two Tee, $13

Your newly-aged two-year-old might not get “two excited” about this shirt, but it’s a really nice-looking, clean option for parents who want to be festive but keep things on the simpler side. This model comes in many colors, too, so you can get it in his/her favorite one.

Superheroes / Comics

Superhero Tee, about $20

Most kids are usually a little older than age two when they start getting really into superheroes, but if your family is into comics, this is cute T-shirt.

Little Builder

Brick / builder tee, $19

Similarly to super heroes, building blocks does seem like a theme that older kids like more than toddlers, but I wanted to include this in case you have a little builder or Duplo superfan on your hands.