Staff Pick: Squigz for 2-Year-Olds

Last Updated on December 6, 2022 by admin

Pictured: Squigz in a bath-friendly basket that we keep in the bathroom.

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I spend a lot of time thinking about how to classify toddler toys, but Squigz from Fat Brain Toys almost defy categorization. Squigz could be considered building toys, puzzle toys, fine motor toys, or even bath toys!

However you want to classify them, they’re a lot of fun. Toddlers can stick them to any smooth surface, including tile, ceramic, and glass (like mirrors and windows). They’ll also stick to a high chair tray!

They’re fun to pop on and pop off, but they also stick to one another so kids can make long chains and form various shapes. (My kids, of course, often pretend that the Squigz are cannons and have epic battles with them.) 

pipSquigz for babies, $22

We were gifted the classic version of Squigz, which technically present a choking hazard for 2-year-olds. but there’s also a larger version that was designed with younger toddlers and babies in mind. These “pipSquigz” also work great as teethers. Other Squigz products deemed officially safe for 2-year-olds include pipSquigz Ringlets and Whirly Squigz. There’s also a similar toy from Fat Brain Toys called “Suction Cupz”

Squigz for older kids include Squigz 2.0, which have longer “appendages” that make them more interesting to build with, and Squigz Toobz for older kids to make more complicated things.

I found that even as an adult, I enjoyed sticking these colorful suction cups onto things and playing around with the best ways to get them stuck and unstuck. There’s something pleasing about Squigz as a fidget toy for any age. 

Squigz also make a great bath toy because they don’t seem to get moldy or gather mineral residue like the plastic boats or squirty toys my kids have used as bath toys over the years.

Whirly Squigz, $22.95
pip Squigz set of 6, $35.99
pip Squigz Ringlets , $19.95