The Best Tractor Toys for 2-Year-Olds

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I originally was going to include tractor toys in a more general post about farm toys for 2-year-olds. However, I decided that tractors deserved their own post, because there are just so many options to choose from. Plus, tractor toys do seem to be distinct from the ubiquitous “play farm” toys that are also super popular with toddlers. (For suggestions on play farms and other farm-themed toys, head over to the farm post.)

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover in this tractor toys post:

  • Toy Tractors
  • Tractor Children’s Books
  • Tractor Clothes for 2-Year-Olds
  • Tractor Boots for 2-Year-Olds
  • Ride-on Toy Tractor

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Tractor Toys

Before I list specific tractor toy suggestions for 2-year-olds, let’s review several best practices for buying any toy vehicle/truck for a toddler.

  • Make sure you check out a photo for scale before you buy. (There are a lot of miniature, Hotwheel-sized trucks out there that can look like medium-sized trucks online — or even ride-on-sized trucks that you may assume are smaller trucks)
  • Avoid buying remote control vehicles and pullback trucks for 2-year-olds. (Toddlers will just want to push them around and anything that gets in the way of their doing that will be frustrating for them.)
  • Make sure the truck parts that look like they’re supposed to move do indeed move. Otherwise, your toddler might get angry.
  • Faces on trucks are fine, but most toddlers like trucks that look as much like the real thing as possible.
  • It’s a good idea to expect toy trucks to get wet and muddy, especially if their real-life counterparts get wet and muddy. Think twice before you buy a truck with electrical components.

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

John Deere Toy Tractors

John Deere sandbox toys (dump truck and loader), $10

The most well-known tractor brand also has its own line of toys. (You can see my kid pushing this John Deere dump truck in the featured image for this post.) The trucks shown here are a little bit of a weird size — they’re neither miniature or what I consider to be medium-sized, nor are they technically tractors. But my kids did enjoy playing with them in the mud and sand, as pictured. The reviews online are a little mixed for these, but ours held up fine. So, if you’re looking for an affordable sand toy, these can be a good choice.

John Deere Monster Treads Tractor

John Deere Monster Treads Tractor, $28

This is one of the better-reviewed John Deere toy tractors I came across, and although I prefer the more chill and realistic toys, I think that my own vehicle loving son would have really been excited to play with this. It’s described as being ideal for outdoor play even though it has light-up wheels and requires three AAA batteries.

Little People Toy Tractor

Little People is a really popular line of toys that’s wide-ranging, and affordable. As I wrote in my post on miniature toy sets for 2-year-olds, Little People has many fun components that are all cross-compatible. In this case, that means this tractor is compatible with a Little People barn toy for 2-year-olds. These vehicles do have what I consider to be annoying music, but you can always remove the batteries.

Playmobil Toy Tractor

In case you’re not familiar with the brand, Playmobil has been around for years has a reputation for quality. I don’t often recommend Playmobil on this site because the sets all come with tiny parts that aren’t toddler-friendly. In fact, this tractor toy is listed for ages 4 and up. That said, if you remove the tiny accessories and put them away for when your kid is older, it might be a good choice for indoor play (especially if your 2-year-old is almost 3 or just mature for their age). One of the main perks of buying into a brand like Playmobil is that you can expand your Playmobil collection over time, eventually creating your own little city with compatible-sized people and accessories.

Green Toys Tractor

Green Toys tractor, $20

This Green Toys tractor is made of recycled milk jugs and is machine washable, just like all the Green Toys vehicles. That makes it ideal for toddlers who actually want to pretend in the mud. (I’ve already sung the praises of Green Toys in many other posts, notably the bath toys post.)

Battat Toy Tractor

Battat farm accessories and tractor, $16

The tractor shown here amongst a lot of miniature farm animals isn’t too interesting for true tractor enthusiasts, who would prefer a larger, more realistic toy vehicle. That said, I wanted to list this tractor here because it’s compatible with the popular Battat big red barn toy that I recommended in my post on miniature sets for 2-year-olds.

Battat Wonder Wheels Tractor

Battat Wonder Wheels Tractor, $13

Battat also has a toddler-friendly line of vehicles called Wonder Wheels that is colorful, fun, and well-reviewed. They claim that the toys are eco-friendly, too, because the trucks are technically recyclable (although I know my own local recycling program only accepts things like food containers and jugs). This tractor also has a fun feature in its detachable trailer.

Tractor Books

These aren’t toys, but can be a great choice to accompany a toy tractor gift.

Goodnight Tractor Board Book, $9
I Am a Tractor Board Book, $7
Grandpa’s Tractor book (hardcover), $10

Tractor Clothes

John Deere hoodie, about $20

If you’re looking for a non-toy gift for a tractor enthusiast, John Deere has a bunch of branded apparel for sale in their Amazon store. Options for toddlers include hats, pajamas, and T-shirts.

Tractor Boots

Western Chief Boots, $22

Rain boots are a gift that’s both fun and functional, especially for tractor-loving 2-year-olds who love to get muddy. Personal note: My own toddler wore his own tractor-themed Western Chief boots out before he even outgrew them (meaning they got a hole and were no longer waterproof). That said, people seem to really love these boots according to the reviews, so it can still be worth it for most kids.

Battery-Powered Ride-On Tractor

Peg Perego battery-powered tractor, $273

There are a few ride-on, powerwheel-type tractors available online that would have made my 2-year-old’s head explode if we’d had the space and budget for them. They look super fun, and the reviews for this Peg Pegero one are really positive.