The Best Types of Toys for 2 Year Olds

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1. Ride-On Toys

Most kids will become strong and coordinated enough to ride scooters and pedal trikes at some point during their second year. The average age for kids to learn to ride a pedal bike is age 5, so age 2 can be a great time to introduce these pre-bike riding toys. It's hard to go wrong with a present like this, especially if you have a particularly adventurous toddler.
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2. Pretend Toys (Playing House)

2-year-olds love doing what their parents are doing, and they won't find out until later that cleaning, yard work and cooking aren't super fun activities, so take advantage of this stage to get them involved in chores and house work. It's fun to watch them "work" along with you.
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3. Building Toys

Blocks! Two year olds love 'em. Maybe it's because they know how much fun it is to dump them all over the floor and wait for their parents to clean them up later. This type of toy will be loved right now but will also be fun for years. It's hard to go wrong with a great set of Megablocks or Duplos, or one of the many other block varieties available.
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4. Play Vehicles

Anything with wheels is a big hit at this age, and can continue to be loved for years. This category is nice because it's affordable and doesn't take up a lot of space, but is extremely popular, especially with those 2-year-olds who already show a clear affinity for them.
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5. Dolls, Plush and Figures

2-year-olds really start using their imaginations throughout their second year. That means that dolls and stuffed animals are transformed from mere snuggle buddies into friends with personalities. Dolls and plush toys also help toddlers master people skills, improve their vocabulary, and more.
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6. Active Toys

Any toy whose main purpose is to get toddlers moving makes a great gift. 2-year-olds are constantly learning to use their bodies to run, jump, and climb, and they have plenty of energy to do it with. Check out wagons, tunnels, swings, slides and more.
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7. Puzzles and Games

2-year-olds are too young for the "board games" you're probably thinking of, and their attention spans won't get to jigsaw puzzle level for several more years, but it's still fun for them to tinker with toys and figure out where things fit. They might have already had a shape sorter but are finally figuring out how to use it. If your kid likes putting things in and out of baskets, likes lining things up and having things in the right spot, they'll probably like a fun puzzle or organizing toy.
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8. Music Toys

2-year-olds like music. Some more than others – but they can all appreciate it. (They’re just like us!) If you’re looking for a music toy for a 2-year-old who loves to groove, you have plenty of options: instruments, music players, albums and even musical books.
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9. Arts and Crafts Toys

2-year-olds are just starting to get into things like crayons and scribbling. But they can start using easels by age 2, and they'll probably use it for years to come. There are also some other art supplies that a two year old can use.
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10. Tactile Toys

This one is at the end because a lot of parents end up getting these things for kids before age 2, but if you don't have a sandbox or water table, they can be great fun for a two-year old. Also included: play doh, kinectic sand.
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