The Best Big Gifts for 2-Year-Olds – $50 and Up

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These are toys that are guaranteed to make a big impression on your 2-year-old. They take up a decent amount of space and are on the pricier side of 2-year-old toys available, but if you have the space and are ready to spend, it’s hard to go wrong with these toys.

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Train Table and/or Train Set

Train tables are loved for years, starting around age 2. Some new 2-year-olds will still be more interested in throwing and crashing trains than running things in a dignified manner, and most wooden train sets are suggested for ages 3 and up due to small parts. But you could consider getting a train table now; they’re also good for dollhouses, cars, and other vehicles. If you have the room and you like the idea of keeping more toys off the floor, click here to read the whole post on train tables for 2-year-olds.

Play Kitchen

Toddlers will get years of use out of a little play kitchen, starting around age 2. Most of the coolest looking wooden kitchens come with "small parts" warnings and are therefore recommended for ages 3+, even though in many cases the small parts are only unattached when the kitchen is pre-assembled.
Click here for more pretend toy suggestions.

Balance Bike

Balance bikes have two wheels, no pedals and no chain. They’re also called “pedal-free bikes” and “push bikes” because kids ride them by pushing off the ground with their feet. Unlike the stable, three-wheeled tricycles we had as toddlers, balance bikes help kids learn the balance and body control they’ll need to ride a “real” bike. The best balance bikes cost more than $100, and there are dozens of brands to choose from. Click here to learn more about how to choose one.


An easel or desk will get years of use from an artistically inclined kid starting around age 2, so I’d suggest investing in one if you have the space and budget. Most kids’ easels these days come with at least one dry-erase surface; dry-erase surfaces are great because they let kids draw without smocks, messes or wasting paper. Most 2-year-olds won’t care about saving their work, so paper isn’t really necessary anyway, and the “butcher rolls” of paper that are really nice for older kids will likely be more interesting for a 2-year-old to pull on than to draw on. You can choose from among plastic and wooden models, some with storage and seating included. Click here for more artistic toys suggestions.


Toddlers love to explore the world with their hands, and you can help them do it in style with a sandbox. Sure, they can be a little messy — but that’s your life with a 2-year-old anyway, right? I’d suggest getting a sandbox with a cover and that includes some seating. (I’m also partial to the sandboxes that lie on the ground, as opposed to sand tables, because kids inevitably want to sit and lie in them.) Click here for more suggestions for tactile toys for 2-year-olds.


The trampoline to the left got great reviews that mentioned ease of assembly and disassembly (again, any toy that takes up significant floor space should be easy to store). It also has a weight limit of 150 lbs, which means kids can use it for years. If you're on a budget, try this Little Tikes 3' Trampoline for $50 (Prime Eligible), with a weight limit of 50 lbs. If the 2-year-old you're shopping for is small for his or her age, you may want to double check whether the height of the bar will work for them. Click here for more toys that will get 2-year-olds active.

Activity Table

Similar to train tables, other activity tables are designed to be multi-use, great for Duplos, dollhouses and more. Click here for more on how to choose an activity table.

Climber or Play Set

This is on my personal wish list. The price would probably be worth it if it steered my 2-year-old away from always (ALWAYS) climbing all over the back of the couch. Other play sets like these can be used indoors or outdoors. Click here for more toys that will get 2-year-olds active.