Staff Pick: The Potato Head Family (Mr. Potato Head) for 2-Year-Olds

Last Updated on June 29, 2022 by admin

At first, I hesitated to add Mr. Potato Head to this blog. I didn’t want to add him as a staff pick because:

  • My own kids were never very enamored with the toy.
  • It doesn’t seem to capture kids’ attention for as many years as other toys, such as Duplo sets.
  • I almost always see Mr. Potato Head sets at my local resale toy shop. I take that as a sign that it doesn’t exactly fly off the shelves (although it’s also possible that the toy is so ubiquitous that they’re just always coming in).

However, I eventually decided to add Mr. Potato Head here as a staff pick for the following reasons:

  • People clearly tend to give Mr. Potato Head as a gift, as evidenced by thousands of 5-star Amazon reviews. My nephews really liked playing with Mr. Potato Head when they were toddlers, so I do have firsthand evidence that the toy is fun for some kids.
  • I have clear memories of playing with Mr. Potato Head myself as a kid, and I think that nostalgia is part of the appeal it has as a gift.
  • The plastic it’s made of may not be super eco-friendly, but the toy is durable, simple, and easy enough to clean that it can easily be passed on to another child later.
  • The price point is ideal for many gift givers who want to buy something special for a 2-year-old.
  • Perhaps most importantly, Mr. Potato Head is one of the only common toy brands that the manufacturer specifies is for 2-year-olds. That means that it has been thoroughly checked for safety. (Related post: What you should know about small parts warnings.)
  • The final point in Mr. Potato Head’s favor: They made a baby potato head! Look how cute it is. I have a hunch that having a little potato head in the mix really adds a fun new dynamic to the imaginative play.

This Potato Head family set is $22, has more than 1,200 reviews on Amazon, and its average rating is a 4.8.