Stocking Stuffer Ideas for 2-Year-Olds

Last Updated on December 11, 2022 by admin

Here’s list of toys that 2-year-olds will love that are small enough to fit in a stocking and cost less than $20.

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Harmonica, $6


There have been times when the bribe of playing the harmonica was the only thing that would get my 2-year-old to lie down for a diaper change. All of the harmonicas I found are technically suggested for ages 3 and up by the manufacturer, so keep an eye on the screws and make sure no small parts come loose.

Vtech Flashlight, $13

Flashlight or Lantern

This flashlight was designed just for little ones and features more than just light (although that would probably be entertaining enough). It also has music, colored lights and learning activities.

Puzzle pairs, $13

Puzzle Pairs

This is a nice small gift, but still might be a smidge too wide to fit into your stocking, depending on how wide yours is. That said, small little puzzles are great as long as the pieces aren’t choking hazards, and this one was designed just for the smaller tots.

Mittens and hat set, $15

Mittens or Hat

This is a great stocking stuffer for those of us in colder climates. Some toddlers will be thrilled with the aquisition of a cool new hat, especially one with green scales or that features another favorite animal or character.

Bath boats, $15

Bath Toys

Open up a package of bath toys and pop them in the stocking. They’re fun to open on Christmas morning and BONUS: they may make it easier to bathe your 2-year-old.

Baby Beluga Board Book, $4

Board Books

Options abound for board books. Toddlers can’t rip these pages, and they’ll be around at storytime for years to come.

Fisher Price Little People Farm Animals, $16


If your little one already had a play set for her or his miniatures, you may buy a few extra for the stocking. These animals, for example, go along with the Fisher Price Little People Farm.
Toddler Markers, $6


Here are some stocking-friendly washable markers that will be fun for 2-year-olds to open and easy for them to grip.

Kids’ sunglasses from $10


You’ll probably be happy to have these come summertime, and your tot might think it’s cool to try on some shades at Christmas.

Set of 3 toddler toothbrushes, $10


You have to buy these anyway, so might as well add some excitement to the stocking. Plus, with fun colors, they might be excited to open them, too.

Egg Shakers, $8

Egg Shakers

Another easy, fun way for toddlers to start making music and shaking along to their favorite songs.

Easy grip chalk, $5

Sidewalk Chalk

Even if you can’t use it until the summer months, sidewalk chalk is always a hit. These little chalk grippers make it easier for 2-year-olds to write, especially when they’re down to the last bits of chalk.

Dearfoam Slippers, $14 and up

Socks or Slippers

Socks or slippers are a great holiday gift because they’re usually really needed in the winter months, but kids will still be excited to pull them out of a stocking. Double check on shoe sizing before you buy.

Wazoo Kazoo, $6


Another small instrument that your 2-year-old might need some time to figure out but will get a lot of fun out of. A good start to what will surely grow into a bigger instrument collection.

Easy grip crayons, $5


These crayons are designed specifically for little ones to get started with art.

No-spill bubble container, $6


Those of us in less temperate climates might not be using these for a while, but eve if there’s snow on the ground where you live, this bubble tumbler will get a lot of use eventually. Looks like the package is a little over 5 inches wide, so make sure it will fit in the stocking before you buy it.

Vtech vehicle 2-pack, $14


Small vehicles are a great candidate for stockings. Make sure they don’t present choking hazards. These Vtech vehicles can be fun, especially if your kid already has a Vtech track.